Which feminine archetypes show up in your personality? Take the test!

Feminine archetypes contain important insights into female psychology. Represented as personas of female energy, the archetype personality assessment allows you to understand and affirm your strengths, and to cultivate your missing energies to help support personal growth.

Personal Growth for Purpose-Driven Women


Feminine Archetypes

Psychological archetypes help us make sense of our inner strengths and demons. As women, we possess the energies of all of the feminine archetypes, but factors like your personality, upbringing and lifestyle impact how these archetypes show up. Learning how to understand and harness the power of your feminine archetypes can help you thrive in your relationships and career.

Purposeful Growth Coaching

Personality Types

Purposeful living starts with a strong knowledge of the self. Many facets of our personalities change over time. We may become more confident or less influenced by emotions. But there are core elements of your personality which stay the same. We use personality tools like the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and more to help you better understand yourself and how you fit in the world. 


Purposeful Growth

Growth doesn’t stop at understanding yourself — in fact, that is only the beginning! You know who you are — now how do you get to where you want to be in your life? We’ve designed resources specifically for women who are ready to go one step further on their growth path — from knowing to growing. Our growth tools are based on 13 essential dimensions of purposeful growth.

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Purpose (noun): the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


Contrary to popular belief, no online course or self-help book will help you “find” your purpose. Understanding your purpose takes truly understanding yourself — your fears, motivations and desires. It takes understanding your strengths, unwrapping years of repressed emotions, uncovering your missing energies and slowly healing wounds you may not yet realize exist.  

Maybe you're stuck in a job you hate or a less than desirable relationship. Or maybe you feel like you haven’t truly started life yet. Maybe you’re 18 or 81 and still trying to figure out what to be when you grow up. You've read one or 12 self-help books but you still feel stuck. That's because 99 percent of self-help for women is geared toward making us feel better about ourselves, but not actually aimed at helping us grow.

Purposefully, She is a website geared toward women who seek purpose-driven lives. It's aimed at helping you grow by holding up the mirror and exposing the scars you’d prefer to keep hidden — then empowering you to overcome your fears and take action toward a more purposeful life. Our goal is to help you recognize the powers you possess and use those powers to grow into the best version of yourself. 

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