Artist ISFP

The Artist

  • Guided by Persephone energy
  • Supported by Demeter energy
  • Motivated by Athena energy
  • Opposed by Aphrodite energy

As a woman guided by Persephone and Demeter energy, you grew up feeling like you needed to make other people happy. To outsiders, you may appear innocent and naive; however, you like have a much darker side that many people don’t get to see. Accessing this energy within yourself can lead to tremendous growth.

You are a creative, free-spirit with a heart for nurturing and helping others. As a sensitive soul, you’ve also relied heavily on the support of loved ones for most of your life. You are attracted to the creative arts, teaching and anything that allows for self-expression. Friends and family may describe you as warm, sensitive and a bit quirky. Beneath the playful charm that you express around others is a deep sense of self and strong awarness of the unconscious needs and desires of others. You’re extremely empathetic and guided by your strong moral values.

While you have a good awareness of your own feelings and the feelings of others, you lack the internal drive and motivation to put yourself out there in ways that could lead to tremendous success and happiness. This is where accessing your motivational Athena energy is key. Athena energy is determined and focused on getting what it wants. Honoring this energy in yourself will help bring more balance to your life and help you access your opposing Aphrodite energy.

Aphrodite represents a balance of the indenpendent and relational archetypes. As someone who has relied heavily on either supporting or being supported by others, this energy is your greatest challenge, but also represents an extraordinary opportunity for growth.

About the Author Megan Malone