Diplomat ENFJ

The Diplomat

  • Guided by Demeter energy (dominant feeling)
  • Supported by Aphrodite energy (supported intuition)
  • Motivated by Artemis energy (functions flipped, ISTP)
  • Opposed by Hera energy (opposite functions, ISTJ)

As a woman guided by Demeter energy and supported by Aphrodite energy, you are relationship-focused and creative. Your people-first approach to life makes you popular among others and a strong leader. You are a nurturer and a caretaker, but you put your own unique spin on your relationships. You seek to help those you love to learn and understand from the things that are personally meaningful and influential to you. You desire to help your loved ones grow to reach their fullest potential. People view you as compassionate, charismatic and upbeat. Your diplomatic attitude and openness to new perspectives make you someone who’s easy to get along with while remaining strong-willed and assertive.

Your strong sense of responsibility for others may at times leave you feeling overloaded and burned out. With supportive Aphrodite energy, you may struggle with being resentful toward your children or those you care for during periods of burnout. This bitterness can lead to spontaneous spending, drinking or other types of overindulgence that you later regret. This is where developing your weaker Artemis and Hera energy becomes essential.

Discovering your Artemis energy will help you realize your deepest inner wants and needs and concentrate on what is truly important to you, while Hera energy honors your commitments and keeps you from swaying toward overindulgence when your exhausted from putting everyone else first. Accessing Hera energy is your biggest challenge because it requires a focus on what others truly want — not what you think they want (or think they should want). However, accessing this part of yourself is a huge potential for growth, both personally and in your relationships.

About the Author Megan Malone