Nurturer ISFJ

The Nurturer

  • Guided by Demeter energy
  • Supported by Persephone energy
  • Motivated by Aphrodite energy
  • Opposed by Athena energy

As a woman guided by Demeter and Persephone energy, you seek to both care and be cared for by those you love. Your warm and down-to-earth personality easily attracts other people. You are vulnerable enough to be relateable, but also slow to trust and allow people inside your inner world. You are both the mother and the daughter — and have likely played, or hope to someday play, both roles to the very best of your abilities. You are a nurturer at heart. Outside of family relationships, you likely also feel pulled toward a career in taking care of others, perhaps as a nurse, counselor or life coach.

You are the woman who everyone can count on for both emotional support and practical guidance. You’ve likely planned and hosted all the birthday parties, offered to make the funeral arrangements and otherwise taken on the roles that many others are unwilling to step into. To you, it’s all about getting things done, managing expectations and giving love to those who need it. You are an affectionate parent, a supportive partner and a loyal friend. These roles hardly leave the time to focus on another important person: yourself.

If you don’t learn to set boundaries, you may find that your mental and physical state begins to suffer. The patience that used to come so easily begins to wear thin. Rather than protecting the people in your life, you can become overly controlling and obsessive about their well-being at the expense of your own. This is why it’s crucial to harness your Aphrodite energy. The Alchemical Goddess is both relational and focused on knowing and living her own unique purpose. Developing this energy within yourself is your greatest potential for growth.

While opposing Athena energy will try to hold you back from claiming too much success or independence apart from your relationships, you have the power to access Athena in a healthy way as well. Defining what you need to be successful in work, love and life will allow you — as well as those you love — to thrive.

About the Author Megan Malone