The Relational Planner ISTJ

The Planner

  • Guided by Hera energy (dominant sensation)
  • Supported by Artemis energy (supportive thinking)
  • Motivated by Aphrodite energy (functions flipped, ENFP)
  • Opposed by Hestia energy (opposite functions, ENFJ)

As a person guided by Hera and Artiemis energy, you are a paradox of both relational and independent. You are a loyal and committed partner, parent and friend, but you also require enough time for yourself — and you set boundaries to get that alone time. Balancing these often conflicting needs requires discipline, which is why you prefer to stick to a routine rather than play it by ear. Your friends and family may know you as a “no nonsense” planner, yet dispite your seriousness in getting things done, you’re equally recognized for the undying devoted you have for your loved ones. At the end of the day, your relationships matter most.

You can easily get lost in the details of day-to-day life. Between taking care of your loved ones, managing a hectic work schedule and/or working toward the high goals you set for yourself, you may not have enough energy left for creative pursuits. However, accessing your creative Aphrodite energy is your biggest potential for growth. Repressing this energy can result in bitterness or depression. Finding outlets to express yourself, like photography, music or writing, will bring more balance and peace into your life.

Your greatest growth challenge lies in your opposing Hestia energy. It may also be a source of conflict in your relationships with others, particularly those who are guided by Hestia energy. You are a doer — even your alone time is often spent planning. Hestia requires quiet, unplanned time to explore the crevices of yourself, which is likely unfamiliar territorty. However, once Hestia energy is accessed (perhaps though meditation, yoga or alone time in nature), you can unlock tremendous opportunity for personal growth.

About the Author Megan Malone