Romantic INFP

The Romantic

  • Guided by Persephone energy
  • Supported by Hestia energy
  • Motivated by Athena energy
  • Opposed by Artemis energy

Quiet, dreamy and free-spirited, you are someone who often has their head in the clouds and their nose in a book. Regardless of your age, you carry a childlike enthusiasm for the world and possess deep empathy for all living things. Like Persephone, the Goddess of the Underworld, your energy is both light and airy as well as dark and rooted. You feel a deep sense of connection to both the good and evil of the world.

Your friends and family may describe you as creative, introverted and romantic. You appreciate the beauty in simplicity, and are attracted to the arts — you may have an affinity for music, painting or poetry, for example. Your relationships are a crucial cornerstone to your identity. Guided by Persephone energy, you are drawn to people who can guide, teach and support you. The desire to be guided by others may lead you to jump head first into unhealthy relationships or to become overly attached to a single person or group. Your idealistic approach to romance may cause you to put your partner on a pedestal, putting their desires above your own — and you may find it difficult to understand yourself outside of your relationships.

With supportive Hestia energy, you may find yourself withdrawing into solace when fears and insecurities emerge. You may experience obsessive and perfectionist tendencies, i.e., “if I could just make the house look this way or make my partner feel that way, then I will be OK.” Because of your reliance on other people, your greatest potential for growth is in developing your Athena energy. Athena is curious, rational and independent. Far from looking to be led, Athena takes the reigns and makes decisions based on what is right for her. Athena energy is within you, and tapping into this energy will help you gain fulfillment, freedom and confidence in the strong woman who you are.

You may find it challenging to access the strength and fierce competitiveness of your opposing Artemis energy. However, doing so will allow you to to unlock extraordinary potential for growth.

About the Author Megan Malone