Relational Teacher ESFJ

The Teacher

  • Guided by Demeter energy
  • Supported by Hera energy
  • Motivated by Artemis energy
  • Opposed by Hestia energy

You are relationship-oriented and seek happiness in bonding with and taking care of other people. Family, or the friends you call your family, are what you cherish most on earth. Above all, you are a nurturer and caretaker of others. You may be known as the “mom friend” in your inner circle. You’re always there when a loved one needs practical guidance or supportive advice and those closest to you view you as caring, reliable and honest.

As a wife and mother, you may put your family above your career and personal aspirations. Your strong sense of responsibility and tendency to put others first may leave you feeling overloaded and burned out. While in this state, you may appear overbearing or overly protective of others. Prioritizing your inner needs and finding fulfillment outside of your relationships is essential for true growth and fulfillment.

As a woman with strong Demeter and Hera energy, your greatest potential for growth is in developing your Artemis energy. Discovering this part of yourself will help you realize your deepest inner wants and needs and concentrate on what is truly important to you — not everyone around you. You may find Hestia energy challenging to recognize in yourself and to deal with in others.

As a person focused on other people, it’s hard to relate to energies that are so centered on the self. However, once Hestia energy is accessed (perhaps though meditation, yoga or alone time in nature), you can unlock tremendous opportunity for personal growth.

About the Author Megan Malone